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Researchers: Please download the application form today

Applications for the Dementia Consortium are now open. Please register your details to download the application form now. We review applications four times a year. Closing dates for 2015 applications are:

  • 22nd September
  • 24th November


The global initiative is open to:

  • Academic researchers (worldwide) with a promising novel approach to dementia therapy
  • SME and small biotechs looking for further preclinical target validation of a new therapeutic small molecule or antibody

If you are not ready to apply and require more information then please get in touch with us.

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Providing funding, expertise and resources to translate breakthroughs in neurodegeneration research into new dementia treatments

About the Consortium

The Dementia Consortium aims to expedite the development of new drugs for dementia by supporting research into novel targets for neurodegeneration. It brings together the voluntary, academic and private sectors in order to tackle the growing dementia problem. The Consortium seeks to end the ten-year wait for a new dementia treatment by closing the gap between fundamental academic research and the pharmaceutical industry’s drug discovery programmes. It provides funding, expertise and resources to support new drug targets emerging from academic research that hold the promise of patient benefit.

The consortium members are making four key commitments:

to identify world-class early stage dementia research

The Consortium has put together a fund of £3 million to support the best academic research from both the UK and the rest of the world. Applicants should submit details of novel drug targets which have been discovered through their work in neurodegeneration for review by a specialist dementia and drug discovery panel.

to invest in the most promising research programmes

The Consortium will invest in research projects, typically 2-3 years in duration, to support target validation and explore the tractability of the target for drug discovery in collaboration with the Consortium members.

to initiate collaborative drug discovery programmes

The Consortium will fund drug discovery programmes on selected targets in parallel with the basic research. Work will take place within academia, in collaboration with MRC Technology’s dedicated small molecule and antibody drug discovery laboratories.

to accelerate new dementia approaches towards the clinic and reinvest in research

Applicants and all members of the Consortium will help progress successful projects from laboratories towards the clinic, seeing new therapies delivered to patients and sharing in the financial returns.

Our member organisations

The Consortium unites the charity Alzheimer’s Research UK with technology transfer experts MRC Technology and two pharmaceutical companies, Eisai and Lilly. Further information about the Consortium members is available here.

The case for the Dementia Consortium

Neurodegenerative diseases that cause dementia are our biggest medical challenge. Dementia affects 820,000 people in the UK today and nearly 40 million worldwide. As populations age, the worldwide prevalence of dementia is expected to double every twenty years. Millions of lives will be blighted by these diseases.

As well as the enormous social cost, neurodegenerative disease carries an enormous economic impact. In the UK alone, dementia has an economic cost of £23bn, which is greater than heart disease and cancer combined.

The Dementia Consortium is focused on fast-tracking new treatments to find an answer to the neurodegenerative diseases that cause dementia.