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Case Studies

The first iteration of the Dementia Consortium completed six projects and outcomes from these have demonstrated impact through scientific publications, conference presentations, and further funding and collaborations.

Since 2018, a second Dementia Consortium has been set up, which has so far developed and launched four new target-based projects.

ALS disease models and identification of molecular probes that modulate TDP-43

Lead PI: Dr Marco Baralle, International Centre for Genetics Engineering and Biotechnology, Italy.

Modulation of CSF1R: a promising strategy to control neuroinflammation

Lead PI: Dr Diego Gomez-Nicola, University of Southampton, UK

The role of P2Y6R in mice in cognition, neuronal loss and tauopathy

Lead PI: Prof Guy Brown, University of Cambridge

Developing novel small molecules as inhibitors of the NLRP3 inflammasome

Lead PI: Prof David Brough, University of Manchester, UK